The #classmagic Challenge

Once you have your copy (digital or analog) of Creating Classroom Magic, join this magical challenge.

The cover of the book depicts a living blueprint for a classroom of the future. My dream is that the contents of this book will inspire you to experiment to create learning spaces that are your own living blueprints to the future. I would love for you to share what that looks like. I issue you, dear reader, a challenge. Take a photo of your learning experiments coming to life, jumping right out of the pages of this book. Share a photo of yourself, your learning space, or your learners along with the book cover on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, with the hashtag #classmagic, or to my email,, for the chance to spread the magic.

I will happily share some photos and ideas on social media and this website, and you may even find yourself the recipient of a magical mystery gift.

Go forth, experiment, prototype, share, and learn with Creating Classroom Magic.