Shauna Pollock is an adult human female who discovered her life purpose early: she loves to create safe, inspiring places for learners. They need someone who believes in them. She helps them become the people they never knew they could be. She has spent ten magical years in classrooms with students from Kindergarten to University. Now, she wants an even bigger challenge. She wants to share her ideas and experience with a wider audience, so she has written this book.

Shauna is a recipient of Canada’s prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence and was recognized for student-centered teaching and creative integration of technology.

Shauna is happily available for training, seminars, public speaking, workshops and consulting and will bring creativity and magic to your event!

She blogs at This is My Teacher Costume, Tweets at @misspollock and learns from other humans in person and online and eats, sleeps, breathes and plays (and skips Oxford commas) in Toronto, Canada. 

Photo by Kate Settle