This is a group for educators who challenge the status quo and think that education can be better.

I want to build my real life PLN in Ottawa, and know that there are enough awesome educators to make that happen.

Top Ten Reasons We Should Work Together

 1. Educators from different backgrounds can share their stories with one another.

2. Educators can support one another in taking risks in their classrooms and celebrate efforts to make change.

3. Educators can share and develop creative ideas for innovation.

4. Educators can learn from one another about new ways to challenge themselves and their students.

5. Educators can learn about exciting opportunities in this dynamic city.

6. Educators feel empowered to create magic every single day.

7. We acknowledge that no one is as smart as all of us: Educators of all shape, form and role (staff in public, Catholic or private schools; consultants; university and college profs; pre-service teachers...) get together for dinner, drinks, support, inspiration and/or planning.

8. We celebrate successes and look forward. We will use an Appreciative Inquiry model to informally discuss the things that participants are passionate about and want to change.

9. ECO: Evolving, Collaborative and Organic Process: This group will be really organic process, giving participants freedom to direct conversations in the way that is helpful to them, sharing and talking with other participants, connecting them to amazing ideas and people along the way.

10. Educators can dream big. Ultimately and eventually, I'd love to find people who are interested in helping me follow some of my BIG blue sky dreams - which include: exploring the BEd model; applying for grants to increase technology (and tech training for teachers) in classrooms and schools; starting an experimental school within the public board; starting a tutoring centre a la 826 Valencia; rewrite curriculum documents with a focus on competencies rather than content (plus lots of emotional intelligence and responsible citizenship); equity within public education with schools "sistering" to help one another with fundraising; lobby for system-wide change (small class sizes, elimination of standardized testing, to name a few goals!) - and have people share their own and find support for them!

Saturday, December 5th 8 p.m.

Firkin on Bloor

‚ÄčToronto, ON

Past Events

Creating Classroom Magic: A Meetup Group in Ottawa

Thursday, December 17th 7 p.m.

Toronto Reference Library

‚ÄčToronto, ON